Welcome to The CanPL Review

The aim

The CanPL Review aims to provide an analysis of each Canadian Premier League match from The Island Games, focusing on tactical trends and individual performances. Once all matches are analyzed, a team by team and season review summarizing the tactical trends and individual performances will be provided.

The format

Each match analysis will have three focuses:

1. Meta Focus

The portion of the match that is deemed to be the most interesting and/or impactful will be discussed. This focus could be individual battles, how one side presses and how the other team responds to the press, how a team is overloading a specific area, etc.

2. Individual Focus

One player from each team will be highlighted. Often the players chosen will be ones who played a role in the meta focus of the match.

3. Trends Focus

We will look at how teams and managers evolve throughout The Island Games. Match to match, we will examine what stayed consistent, what changed, and how any alterations by the managers impacted their teams’ performances.

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