Match 2 (6/26/2021): Pacific FC 2 – 0 HFX Wanderers FC

Meta Focus Pacific FC enjoyed a numerical advantage in central midfield as HFX Wanderers FC played two out and out strikers, so much of the game revolved around Pacific’s defensive midfielder Ollie Bassett easily finding space and dictating play. HFX Wanderers’ two strikers were poor in picking up Bassett, and on the occasions they didContinue reading “Match 2 (6/26/2021): Pacific FC 2 – 0 HFX Wanderers FC”

The CanPL Review: Season 3

The aim The CanPL Review originally aimed to provide an analysis of each Canadian Premier League match from The Island Games, focusing on tactical trends and individual performances. Once all matches were analyzed, a team by team and season review summarizing the tactical trends and individual performances will be provided. I was unable to completeContinue reading “The CanPL Review: Season 3”

Match 8 (8/19/2020): HFX Wanderers 1 – 1 Forge FC

Meta Focus Forge FC began the match by very aggressively pressing HFX Wanderers, and it seemed to catch Stephen Hart’s men by surprise as they cheaply coughed the ball up a few times in the opening minutes. Aboubacar Sissoko was playing along side Louis Beland-Goyette rather than in front of him, and he was ableContinue reading “Match 8 (8/19/2020): HFX Wanderers 1 – 1 Forge FC”

Match 6 (8/18/2020): Pacific FC 1 – 1 York9 FC

Meta Focus Both managers kept their initial shapes from their first matches with Jim Brennan inserting Wataru Murofushi and Manny Aparicio into his 4-4-2 diamond, and Pa-Modou Kah rotating his central midfielders ahead of Matthew Baldisimo in a 4-3-3. This contributed to a relatively packed midfield, which in turn helped lead to a mundane firstContinue reading “Match 6 (8/18/2020): Pacific FC 1 – 1 York9 FC”