Match 2 (6/26/2021): Pacific FC 2 – 0 HFX Wanderers FC

Meta Focus Pacific FC enjoyed a numerical advantage in central midfield as HFX Wanderers FC played two out and out strikers, so much of the game revolved around Pacific’s defensive midfielder Ollie Bassett easily finding space and dictating play. HFX Wanderers’ two strikers were poor in picking up Bassett, and on the occasions they didContinue reading “Match 2 (6/26/2021): Pacific FC 2 – 0 HFX Wanderers FC”

Match 1 (6/26/2021): FC Edmonton 0 – 1 Atletico Ottawa

Meta Focus: Both teams lined up in similar 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 shapes which helped lead to a subdued opening, as each side was content to sit in their shape and let the other team have the ball in their own half. One route for FC Edmonton was clipped balls into their target man, Tobias Warschewski, while AtleticoContinue reading “Match 1 (6/26/2021): FC Edmonton 0 – 1 Atletico Ottawa”

The CanPL Review: Season 3

The aim The CanPL Review originally aimed to provide an analysis of each Canadian Premier League match from The Island Games, focusing on tactical trends and individual performances. Once all matches were analyzed, a team by team and season review summarizing the tactical trends and individual performances will be provided. I was unable to completeContinue reading “The CanPL Review: Season 3”

Match 8 (8/19/2020): HFX Wanderers 1 – 1 Forge FC

Meta Focus Forge FC began the match by very aggressively pressing HFX Wanderers, and it seemed to catch Stephen Hart’s men by surprise as they cheaply coughed the ball up a few times in the opening minutes. Aboubacar Sissoko was playing along side Louis Beland-Goyette rather than in front of him, and he was ableContinue reading “Match 8 (8/19/2020): HFX Wanderers 1 – 1 Forge FC”

Match 7 (8/19/2020): Atletico Ottawa 0 – 4 Valour FC

Meta Focus Mista switched from a back four to a 3-4-3 for his second ever match in charge of Atletico Ottawa, while Rob Gale made major changes in personnel — he changed his midfield three out completely while Fraser Aird started at right wing and Brett Levis at left back to provide more natural widthContinue reading “Match 7 (8/19/2020): Atletico Ottawa 0 – 4 Valour FC”

Match 6 (8/18/2020): Pacific FC 1 – 1 York9 FC

Meta Focus Both managers kept their initial shapes from their first matches with Jim Brennan inserting Wataru Murofushi and Manny Aparicio into his 4-4-2 diamond, and Pa-Modou Kah rotating his central midfielders ahead of Matthew Baldisimo in a 4-3-3. This contributed to a relatively packed midfield, which in turn helped lead to a mundane firstContinue reading “Match 6 (8/18/2020): Pacific FC 1 – 1 York9 FC”

Match 5 (8/16/2020): Forge FC 2 – 0 FC Edmonton

Meta Focus Jeff Paulus debuted his side at The Island Games in a 5-4-1 formation, while Bobby Smyrniotis continued with his preferred 4-3-3. The obviously interesting wrinkle early on for Forge was once again a full back tucking inside, with the versatile Kwame Awuah often moving centrally, and Kyle Bekker playing wider on the leftContinue reading “Match 5 (8/16/2020): Forge FC 2 – 0 FC Edmonton”

Match 4 (8/16/2020): Valour FC 0 – 2 Cavalry FC

Meta Focus Cavalry FC continued with an unbalanced formation, although unlike the first match the roles of their full backs were reversed — the right back, Dean Northover, was attacking while Robert Boskovic, normally a centre back, was quite defensive minded on the left. Cavalry oscillated between a back four and a back three withContinue reading “Match 4 (8/16/2020): Valour FC 0 – 2 Cavalry FC”

Match 3 (8/15/20): HFX Wanderers 2 – 2 Pacific FC

Meta Focus Both teams began the match with a 4-3-3 formation which became a 4-1-4-1 without the ball. Theoretically, this meant that the deepest midfielder on each team would be the player with time on the ball, but in practice the two teams played fairly differently. Pacific FC were more willing to play out theContinue reading “Match 3 (8/15/20): HFX Wanderers 2 – 2 Pacific FC”

Match 2 (8/15/20): York9 FC 2 – 2 Atletico Ottawa

Meta Focus On a macro level, this match was about which side was able to get their attacking midfielders the ball in dangerous positions. Francisco Acuna was Atletico Ottawa’s most dangerous player, while Alvaro Rivero played at the tip of York9 FC’s diamond and often found himself pushing past the two strikers ahead of him.Continue reading “Match 2 (8/15/20): York9 FC 2 – 2 Atletico Ottawa”